International Aviation Properties; VJS Lincoln, Inc.; Milwaukee, WIFor more and more business leaders, General Aviation Facilities provide a base of operation for flexible and cost-effective air travel. A successful design creates a seamless interface between the logistics of aircraft maintenance and individual client support facilities.

Construction Process

  • Analyze potential building systems and materials
  • Review budgetary cost estimate and options with owner
  • Obtain competitive bids from subcontractors and suppliers
    • Always use local subcontractors for regional work
  • Develop master project schedule
  • Coordinate project with all necessary parties - airport management and operations
  • Assure full compliance with federal and airport rules and regulations relative to construction on airports
  • Provide on-site supervision throughout entire construction process

Facility Design

  • Maintenance shops and storage
  • Administrative /Management Support
  • Conferencing areas
  • Pilot ready lounge
  • Passenger terminals
  • Commissary facilities
  • Vehicle circulation, drop-off and storage

Facility Development

  • Develop project scope, budget and space program
  • Provide financing/lease back options

Regulatory Approval

  • Analyze airport layout and potential sites
  • Negotiate land lease and fuel contracts with airport and/or fixed base operator


Case Studies

Charter Operator
Challenge: Develop a hangar/office/shop complex to accommodate management of a large corporate jet as well as several smaller charter jets. Several sites were available on the airport but lacked the security and access needed by our client.

Solution: VJS Lincoln Inc. negotiated a land lease and installation of infrastructure by the airport authority to open up a new area of land on the airport. The work done in cooperation with the charter operator opened other development opportunities to the airport and provided our client an excellent site to establish their charter operation.

 Fixed Base Operator (FBO)
Challenge: A large FBO chain wanted to expand operations at an international airport but land availability was a problem. The FBO had many tenants that needed additional shop and hangar space but land was at a premium on their leasehold.

Solution: The FBO was using an old 1940's era hangar for aircraft storage but the building was in poor repair. VJS Lincoln Inc. demolished the old hangar and built a new, modern hangar/office complex on the same site. As part of this project a Ground Service Equipment building and additional shop space was constructed. These new facilities relieved congestion and freed up more hangar floor space in two existing hangars at the facility. Additional apron space was also developed to improve aircraft circulation and parking.

Corporate Flight Department
Challenge: An upstart corporate flight department needed a Hangar/Office/Shop facility built. The company had neither a site, nor a facility size determined. In addition, the company needed a fueling system built for their operations.

Solution: VJS Lincoln, Inc. negotiated a thirty year land lease with the airport in question and worked out an attractive fueling program for the flight department with the FBO on the field. The fueling program secured fuel at a competitive rate and saved the flight department the cost and liability of constructing and maintaining their own fuel system. To determine the proper facility size, VJS Lincoln, Inc. interviewed the flight department on their plans for future aircraft. Once a potential fleet was determined the design criteria suggested a 15,000 square foot hangar bay was required. The facility was constructed in 8 months and has been serving the flight department for well over ten years.  

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